Interested in expanding your Wellness Practice or Wellness Center?

Here you can learn how you can become a Shaping Systems network-partner.

The Synergy: Shaping Systems is online Wellness, NY/NJ Board Certified Holistic Health Coaching Program. We are Holistic-Nutrition, Experts specializing in Disease prevention and Weight Loss. Shaping Systems is brought in by many Wellness Practitioners, to aid in their treatment plan and improve, patient’s health and overall well-being.

Purpose: The synergy between Wellness Practitioners and Shaping Systems is a great way to promote their practice and open to the wellness benefits, of Shaping Systems Holistic Nutrition programs. We work together as networked-partners. As network partners, we are independent wellness organizations that share a commitment to common, core-values when working together. In short, we are to promote our services as a team and wellness providers, one service complements the other. Together we gain Results with, Proven Success.

The Offer: Wellness Practitioner patients or members will receive an exclusive rate on Shaping Systems Ultimate Transformation and Ultimate Plus plan. This will be paid directly from patient to Shaping Systems as a networked-partner exclusive offer. Also, patients or members will receive a FREE 14-day Detox systems based on the season just for being within our network. Shaping Systems Expert Coach will be assigned and host 1 monthly FREE workshop offered to all patients or members for a blood pressure check and full-body, health screening though Shaping Systems, cutting-edge ultrasound technology. This can also can be done by a appointment at any given time and regular fee of $189 per patient or member or $499 for the day.